Welcome to PI Client Information System (PICIS)

If you are a provider starting the initial provider enrollment and have your letter with the secret code, you can start here. If you have not received your letter, please contact gethelp@odmhsas.org.

If you are a staff member starting your initial enrollment and received an email with your secret code, you can start here . Staff members will receive their code after the provider enrollment process is complete.

We have a dedicated telephone number (405-248-9326) and Provider Assistant Specialists (PAS) will assist you with any questions you may have about the CDC entry. You may also contact us by email at gethelp@odmhsas.org.

At any time you feel you are not receiving the best customer service from ODMHSAS, you may personally contact the two division directors responsible for this project. The division directors are Kevin Marble (kmarble@odmhsas.org), Director of Information Systems and Mark A. Reynolds (mareynolds@odmhsas.org), Director of Decision Support Services.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations!